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Please take a look at Maryscoovy, a creative music project with character and creativity

About Us

Don't we all want to escape from this world every now and then? Just so we could lie down, floating around in thoughts; trying to explore our own perception of life. MARYSCOOVY's desire is trying to constantly meet creativity in a new way and to share their perspective by unfolding themselves through experimenting within the stoner rock genre. Doing this primarily by jamming together, complementing each other instrumentally, which leads into the music that they bring you. Their songs can shift from deep dreamy vibes, influenced by their more psychedelic, experimental side, to a more energetic sound that's based on the feeling they had when the song was born. These are the musical tones and lyrics which came deep from within them as individuals but as they are connected as one they come up with their own artistic ideas that are inspired by the way of life and all its beauty, as well as life's sudden events. And as we face ourselves we take the journey in life. After all... life is a trip, enjoy the ride.

Maryscoovy Bucket-hat

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If you like to order one (or more) for yourself or your friends send an email to and tell us what you want.